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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What kind of fueling rate increase can I expect to see by installing SpillX?
    Depending on the pumps and infrastructure at each location you can expect to see anywhere between 100 and 400 gpm. The pressure drop of the SpillX system is approximately half of the current system in use today, which allows for an increase in fueling rates. Most fueling platforms will see an increase of 75% to 85% flow increase over the current industry system, simply by swapping components.

  • Is the SpillX system compatible with the existing fueling components?
    No - The SpillX system utilizes dry-break aviation components and the traditional system utilizes 'open' components. These components are not compatible with each other. The shut off mechanisms of each system operate differently, the systems cannot be adapted to work with each other.

  • How does SpillX address interchangeability temporarily among the railroads?
    SpillX has designed a fueling manifold that can be attached to any fueling station which allows the traditional nozzle and the SpillX nozzle to be connected at the same time. Depending on how the locomotive is equipped, operators can use the required nozzle without having to switch the nozzle or having to worry about tracking down any adaptors.

  • How can I see a demonstration of the SpillX system?
    Contact us today at to schedule an onsite demonstration of the SpillX system.

SpillX Highlights

July 2010 - CP Railroad, Moose Jaw, SK Testing
Moose Jaw Test Report

April 2012 - UTA, Salt Lake City, UT
UTA Test Report

June 2012 - BNSF Railroad, Clovis, NM Testing
Clovis Test Report

March 2013 - PWRR Installation
PWRR Installation Report

January 2014 - TTCI Demonstration
TTCI Letter

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